I love this recipe. It’s clever, tasty, and nutritious. I found it on Martha Stewart’s website. Her version serves the eggplant meatballs in spaghetti but I prefer to eat them in an Italian-style without the spaghetti and tomato sauce. In Italy, the meatballs stand alone. Eggplant meatballs or polpette diContinue Reading

A plate of pasta with kale

This is a simple recipe for pasta with kale. I believe that any vegetable and probably fruit can be used in a pasta dish. My mom challenged me on this by asking me to write a recipe for pasta with kale. I eat a lot of kale when it’s inContinue Reading

A plate of maccheroni alla chitarra with lamb, tomato and pecorino cheese at Casa Elodia

Here’s my list of where and what to eat in L’Aquila, the capital city of Abruzzo. My boyfriend and I were in L’Aquila this past week to celebrate my birthday with some skiing at the nearby ski resort, Campo Felice. A 30-minute drive up into the mountains, the ski resortContinue Reading

Pasta cooking in a pot

Should you rinse pasta after cooking it? The short answer is, no, unless you plan on serving it cold. Pasta cooked for a cold salad should be rinsed. Rinsing will stop it from cooking. It will also prevent it from getting gummy and sticking together. However, you should never rinseContinue Reading

A plate of gnocchi with basil pesto

Jarred basil pesto is ubiquitous. I often buy it as it makes for a speedy dinner on a busy night. But the real deal fresh from a bunch of basil is on another level. It’s also easy to make. I made basil pesto with walnuts in a mortar and pestleContinue Reading

A pan with tozzetti or hazelnut cookies

Tozzetti are the Lazian answer to Tuscany’s cantucci or almond biscotti. Tozzetti just swap out the almonds for the more local hazelnuts. Both are double-baked and have a long shelf life and are delicious dunked in sweet wine as a dessert. While Cantucci are often served at the end ofContinue Reading

A slice of chestnut flour cake

Traditional Tuscan chestnut flour cake, castagnaccio in Italian, is beautiful in its simplicity. It needs no sugar as chestnut flour is naturally sweet and it is made with only four ingredients, plus water and salt — chestnut flour, raisins, pine nuts, and olive oil. But calling it a cake mayContinue Reading