Farro pasta with lentils, eel ragù, and guanciale

This pasta was amazing. I woke up still thinking about it the next day. The eel ragù was perhaps the best part, a bit sweet and perfectly salty. I’ve never cooked eel, but it is quite common in Italian cooking and I am inspired to try to recreate this dish at home soon. While I do like lentils quite a bit and eat them often, I’m not a lentil lover and was surprised how happy this dish made me.

I had it for lunch yesterday at Languorino a new restaurant in Montefiascone near Lake Bolsena. Safety is always a concern when eating out in 2020, but we were the only guests for most of our meal. Three ladies joined us near the end but sat on the opposite side of the dining room.

The restaurant bravely opened about two weeks ago in the middle of pandemic times. We discovered it as we often find restaurants these days by following the local wine producers. If the wine list is good and local, chances are the food is good too. Languorino was no exception.

We also find new wineries this way. Yesterday, we shared a tasty bottle of Trebbiano aged in amphora and made by the local female owned winery, Poggio Bbaranèllo. It’s just down the road from us and we had no idea.

I don’t normally write down menus, but the meal yesterday was inspiring and this is likely our last meal out until 2021. Restaurants will close tomorrow through January 6th.

For appetizers, we shared a plate of local meat and cheese and a trout tartare. Roberto had a fettuccine pasta with white ragù and squash. For the main course, we shared a dried and salted cod (baccalà) dish with a spicy sausage (‘nduja) sauce. Dessert was a bowl of mascarpone with a buttery crunchy bottom and a persimmon sauce on top.

We went home very happy.

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