Trekking in Lazio while we wait out the storm

The 10 PM COVID-related curfew in Italy, coupled with the 6 PM closure of restaurants, has caused all of our lives to be shifted a few hours earlier. It’s as if lunch is now dinner and then we all go home when the sun goes down to settle in for a long winer’s nap. The world has never been so rested.

This past weekend we made the most of our daylight hours and managed to get out of the city and into the woods with some trekking near the medieval city of Vitorchiano. Most folks wore masks in the woods when near other people with a few distracted exceptions.

As with many treks in the region of Lazio, the trails here start off well-marked, crisscross some Etruscan ruins, some olive groves, then get a bit hairy at the point where the vines grow thicker and the trail signs more irregular, but we made it through. Wild boar hunting season also keeps you on your toes this time of year. The trail we were on was not on the hunting side of the line, but I doubt that matters to a wild boar.

After the hike, Roberto compensated with wild boar ragù for lunch and I had ragù with wood pigeon. I like that when you come off a trail in Italy you are almost guaranteed to find an easy option for coffee and wine of some sort, and that food is never very far away.

COVID numbers are also allegedly going down here and there is a rumor that restaurants will re-open in the night in December. Until then, we carefully make the most of the sunlit hours with every precaution and then head back home to hunker down and to continue to wait out the storm.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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