Summer staycation, day 8

We slept in and went to the lake this morning but it was really windy. Lake Bolsena is a bit wild and can change from one day to the next. Today it was wavy with a strong wind so, after a short rest on the beach, we went grocery shopping instead and to buy some beer from a local brewer, Terre di Faul. How lovely is their beer label with a hunting dog in spats? The brewer apparently studied beermaking in Arkansas.

Not to brag, but really just to brag, after 196 days of stretching towards it, I finally got my front split on the right side today. I used to run a lot not so long ago but then my right hip called it quits. I stopped for a couple of years and found yoga while looking for a way to strengthen and improve the mobility and flexibility in my right hip. So I’m super happy to be both running regularly again without pain and finally doing a split. For perspective, 196 days ago it was January and the coronavirus was an isolated news story in China. Now for the left side…

Farro cereal with dried papaya for breakfast. A mixed antipasti platter with lots of fish combinations, crostini with duck, and a tomato-based lake fish ragu with tagliolini pasta for lunch at a local restaurant. The pinetum in the photo is the restaurant’s parking lot, shady spots for everyone. For dinner, we packed Proscuitto di Praga sandwiches with goat stracchinato cheese from a favorite local producer, Monte Jugo, and a bottle of local white wine and sat in the sand to watch the sunset over the lake.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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