Summer staycation, day 7

Lake weekend! Phew! I needed one. Our beloved Lake Bolsena is actually the largest volcanic lake in Europe. I was very happy to see it today.

In other vacation/pandemic/staycation news, I met a turtle in the middle of the road on my run this morning. I stopped and thought about rescuing him while he pretended to be invisible. But as there weren’t any cars and as he didn’t seem like he needed rescuing, I let him be while I ran to the end of the road and back. He was safely jogging down the side of the road when I passed by again and making good speed with those little legs and jaunty elbows.

Fried egg on piadina for breakfast. Testarolo with pesto for lunch. We went out for dinner in the ancient city of Viterbo tonight. I had arancine with mussels and pecorino and a brave coconut sauce (I’m not 100% sure it worked. That is a bold mashup of flavors, but the coconut at least tasted like summer), followed by a cacio e pepe pasta with zucchini flowers and summer truffles. Yes, I sort of had pasta twice today. Happens.

Short post tonight as I am writing this and falling asleep.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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