Summer staycation, day 6

It’s getting to me today, all this staying home-ness. I no longer have my job to distract me. It’s hot (Fluffy agrees). I’ve been out for pizza and to go grocery shopping this week, but we only go out with purpose now. Gone are the days of aimless wandering in city streets. I miss the wandering.

I’m hoping a lake weekend revives me. I need to start over.

I spent my day at the computer trying to learn some new things. A tiny lizard made its way into the house before lunch. Fluffy looked guilty but she didn’t get to eat it. The lizard was rescued by Roberto wielding a paper bag after some frenzied running about.

After many months of speaking to the cats, they have begun to talk back. We’ve spent too much time together. I still don’t always understand what they are trying to say, but they meow at me as if I do.

Fried egg on piadina for breakfast. Salad with sardines and chickpeas for lunch. I’m making a burger on a leftover maple sweet potato bun for dinner. There are some thin slices of guanciale leftover from a BBQ on Saturday that will probably work their way on top.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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