I went into the city

It’s June 1st and I went into the city this afternoon for the first time since lockdown started on March 9th. I rode the train with other people. I walked from the train to the dentist to finally deal with my chipped tooth. I did some ordinary grocery shopping at Eataly on my way back home.

It is hotter out than I realized. There are also a lot of solo dog walkers out and about in Rome looking at ease as they must have been out and about for a long time now. Everyone else looks suspicious in masks.

The train was empty, even on the way home at what once upon a time would have been rush hour. There are rules on the train. Masks are mandatory and you can only sit in certain seats. You are also only supposed to walk in one direction. Few people seemed to obey this rule, but it seemed okay when there were only, at most, 1 or 2 people in each train car.

At the dentist, I had to put my backpack in a plastic bag, wear disposable booties over my shoes, and have my temperature taken and use hand sanitizer before entering. Which all seems weird when then you obviously have to sit down, take off your mask, and say ah. At least seeing a dentist in a mask is normal. I made an appointment for a cleaning next week which seems extravagant. I had been worried that when the world opened up again appointments would be backed up. This doesn’t seem to be the case. Everyone is clearly still at home.

That’s my train station in the photo. The green dots are where the crowds are supposed to board. I was the only one there, but for the two maintenance workers in the distance.

I somehow missed breakfast. I was feeding the plants and got distracted. This is unusual. Missing breakfast always reminds me of the line from Hemingway’s novel, “To Have and Have not”, when he writes, “He started to walk off down the dock looking longer than a day without breakfast.” That is so sad and so long. Spinach and soft boiled eggs with Wasa crackers and robiola cheese for lunch. I bought some fresh pasta at Eataly for dinner at Roberto’s request, possible options include half moon ravioli with porcini mushrooms, plin stuffed with fonduta and truffles or classic gnocchi.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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