May 28th

The option to dine out has reopened the world wide for us again. I feel stuck somewhere between the old normal everyday world but with facemasks, and the timeless calm of home without the daily grind, just the daily kitchen table workweek. I haven’t left the house in a couple of days which seems fine but I also need to make a dentist appointment already.

Last Sunday, we went out for dinner on Lake Bolsena where there were more geese than tables with paying customers. Big geese. Big hungry geese. They stormed us on the patio of the restaurant in attack mode when we arrived, hissing and snapping. I ran away kicking and swearing. Roberto was running with me until I realized that he had turned, lunged, and attacked. I wish I had a photo. Roberto and the goose were both hissing with teeth bared (I actually don’t know if geese have teeth). Roberto won, no waitstaff came to save us, and we had pasta with lake fish for dinner. The picture above was taken outside the restaurant just before the goose attack, er, I mean battle.

Yogurt and farro flakes for breakfast. Sardine salad with friselle for lunch. A lot of raw garlic for dinner. Roberto wanted to make tzatziki which he then pumped up with garlic. I made a garlicky baba ganoush and have some garlicky baked sweet potato falafel and fresh pita bread in the works.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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