Lockdown in Rome day 69

Tomorrow marks a new beginning as the lockdown rules relax in Italy and I am free to move about the region of Lazio. This opens up many possibilities — from car rides to the sea, to trips to local restaurants to grocery shopping to time at our house near the lake in our version of Upstate. I really miss the sea and the lakes and the forests. I want to go hiking. I want to go into the woods. Yet, while I love change and thrive on it and am excited to find out what comes next, I would be lying if I didn’t also admit that I will miss lockdown too.

Much good has come from these funny 10 weeks of at home-ness. I started unselfconsciously writing daily blog posts that far more than one of you read. Thank you. I am grateful. I’ve become an avid gardener returning to a forgotten past when I started college as a botany major way back when. I made it over a major hurdle in learning to write iPhone apps, my new favorite hobby. Stay tuned, there is a very simple wine study app coming soon, beautiful mostly because it is my first. It also helps that I have been living in lockdown with a graphic designer. Roberto is collaborating. We also built a new living space outside on our terrace from which I am writing this as the sun sets. Fluffy the Cat is asleep nearby. She loves the new terrace chairs. It’s like we built another couple of rooms on the side of the house.

Fried egg on a piadina for breakfast. Agnolotti al plin with butter and sage and oven-roasted radicchio with shallots for lunch. Leek and potato soup with lots of rosemary for dinner. Roberto referred to it as garbage soup, but only because it was born out of an attempt to use all of the food headed for the garbage — the leeks, the shallots, the parsley, and the potatoes were all on their last legs. Excellent garbage soup.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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