Lockdown in Rome day 66

A gigantic Campari spritz, a bowlful of classic aperitivo potato chips, a good book on my Kindle, and a huge green bean bag chair that literally rocks for a seat. Thursday thirsty looked so different when I lived in NYC way back when and of course, when there wasn’t a pandemic, but I like this version. It’s peaceful. I got enough sleep last night. I worked. I studied. I exercised. I read. I ate well.

The sky was still yellow and cloudy and heavy all day. Whatever blew in from the south is sticking around, but it was less windy with temps in the 80s so still pleasant.

Roberto is on his way home from the city center with hamburgers for dinner. This week we started to eat a little like we are away on holiday. Happens. We’re eating less pasta which seems funny as before I fell in love with Italian cooking, I ate pasta like twice a year. In Italy, I eat it most days. We need to get back on the pasta bandwagon.

Multigrain cereal with dried mulberries for breakfast. Prosciutto cotto arrosto (basically Italian ham) for lunch on Wasa crackers with fancy German mustard and spinach cooked with Parmigiano-Reggiano. A gigantic Campari spritz with potato chips for aperitivo. Takeout burgers for dinner.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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