Lockdown in Rome day 65

Next week we’re apparently going to get some of our restaurants back along with the right to move fully about our region together without official declarations of purpose. Yay. As our primary hobby as a couple is eating out, this is huge. We have been discussing which restaurants will feel safe and what food we no longer want to live without. The list is growing.

It was a warm and super windy and yellow day in Rome today. We sometimes get this wind that is said to come from Africa and to carry the sands of the Sahara Desert. Wherever it comes from, it is hot and dusty, and not like anything I grew up with in New England. The car got a coating of sand, as did the cats. It was also 80 degrees. The winds bring the heat too.

That’s Fluffy in the photo harassing me for playing with my computer after the workday was over. She did not approve. We argued. She went back out into the sandy winds.

Warm piadina with robiola for breakfast. Frittata with an avocado and spinach salad for lunch. Pasta with little yellow tomatoes for dinner.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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