Lockdown in Rome day 64

Big day today, Roberto went to the city center for the first time in 64 days. He needed to go to his office. He said it felt strange or like the city in August when everyone goes on summer holiday, only it was May. He said that while it was pleasantly empty, he was also happy to come back home – back aboard our boat if you ask me. I feel like we are safely floating somewhere far away and out at sea. There is no land.

But he did bring back Chinese dumplings! A bit too much packaging, yet while Italy and takeout food do not normally go hand in hand, the restaurants are reinventing themselves and takeout in the pandemic. They’ve added a cooking step. The food isn’t rushed to you or made to last a long time. No, you often have to finish cooking it (uncooked rainbow dumplings in the photo above). So our dumplings needed boiling and frying, no biggie, we got that, and it made them freshly cooked! There is also another whole dumpling meal now waiting in the freezer.

Multigrain cereal with dried mulberries and goji berries for breakfast. A can of sardines and tomatoes with crackers for lunch for one on a busy workday. Four types of delicious Chinese dumplings for dinner: boiled vegetable and boiled shrimp, and boiled and fried beef and potato.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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