Lockdown in Rome day 59

Roberto went on a long bike ride this morning. His first real ride since lockdown. He’s an avid biker so it seems like a big deal. He also called me outside to see the moon tonight. He’s not normally someone who would call you outside to the see the moon, I am, but he’s not. So that also seems like a big deal.

I’ve started to plan a backup summer vacation to keep my expectations high whatever the pandemic travel outcome might be this summer. I really hope to go to the United States in August, but if I can’t, I’m also very happy to be stuck in Italy. We’re exploring alternative summer vacation options and daydreaming. Perhaps a trip to the Dolomites, the Italian Alps in Alto Adige for some hiking. I could use some forested landscapes, mountain peaks, and rustic Tyrolean feasts in alpine chalets. It’s also a wine region I don’t know well. Win win, win win.

Multigrain cereal with raisins for breakfast. Salad with sardines and raisins on a friselle for lunch. Tagliolini al Barolo with deer ragu for dinner.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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