Lockdown in Rome day 58

It’s crazy how normal this all feels now, and how repetitive these posts.

I have developed a schedule that seems to be working well this week. Roll out of bed and greet the terrace plants that are now in my care first — water, feed, encourage (the wall of bamboo is coming back to life and turning green! So exciting!). Vinyasa yoga flow. Coffee and breakfast. Work. Work. Work. Lunch outside on the terrace. More coffee. Work. Work. Work. Some sporty power yoga that makes me feel strong and flexible.

Squeeze in all the hobbies, the reading, and the coding and the app development and the wine study and the word games, even the blog, distant travel planning/dreaming (hell yeah!), wherever they fit. Cook and eat dinner. Watch some weird TV series. We’re in the middle of Upload. I have mixed reviews, but it is entertaining. Read some more if it fits. Sleep well. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Repeat. Repeat.

That’s part of the terrace that we’re working on in the photo. My boat. Waiting on new chairs. Gigantic bean bag rocking chair not pictured.

Multigrain cereal with raisins for breakfast. Chicken for lunch with a big salad. Pasta with swiss chard for dinner and strawberries with balsamic for dessert.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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