Lockdown in Rome day 56

Restaurants opened for takeout only today which meant pizza and supplì from our favorite pizzeria a couple of towns over. Hooray! Roberto made the pickup alone as we’re still in lockdown and travel is not entirely open.

Masks are still mandatory. You still need to bring an official statement as to where you are going. You also can’t just go to your friend’s house. You can visit relatives and travel for work and necessity only, which fortunately includes food. Pizza!

The pizza didn’t photograph so well, or honestly, travel so well. We need to work on our pizza pickup technique. The supplì was still warm, but the pizza suffered and clearly wasn’t built for the road. We still enjoyed it sitting outside on the terrace with this lovely bottle of natural wine, a Lazian Malvasia Putinata that tasted warmly and aromatically of roses and citrus. It also had a dinosaur on the label. Win.

Wasa crackers with tomatoes and robiola for breakfast. Sardine salad for lunch. We split two pizzas, a margherita with buffalo mozzarella and one with potato and pancetta, and added two leek and provolone supplì for an appetizer.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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