Lockdown in Rome day 55

Italy starts to slowly open tomorrow and we’ve already placed our takeaway order for pizza tomorrow night with our favorite pizzeria — and for supplì (fried rice balls)! I haven’t had a supplì in about 9 weeks. Sooooo excited. We were apparently the second order placed. Takeout is not super common in Italy and I don’t know how my pizza will handle the car, but I’m so excited.

Thanks to lockdown 2020, we’ve also developed the competitive sport of knee jousting in our household. It requires a good deal of balance and strength. Opponents face each other standing on one leg with the other knee bent and then try to knock each other over. It’s been going on for a few weeks now. We don’t have a reigning champion and the rules are murky. Sometimes life in lockdown just feels like being a kid again in the 80s.

Yogurt for breakfast with multigrain cereal flakes. Leftovers for lunch and some vegetables in more little tigelle (round bread from Modena) sandwiches. Roberto’s recent batch of tigelle was really good. Zucchini cubes for dinner that fit perfectly inside the mezzi rigatoni pasta. Babbi Viennesi wafer cookies for dessert.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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