Lockdown in Rome day 54

Happy Birthday, Mom! Today is my mother’s birthday. Last year, my mother, brother, and I bought a magical 200-year-old farmhouse together in my hometown in Vermont that I’m really hoping we get to celebrate her birthday in again this August, the house’s birthday too, as it literally turns 200 this year. Fingers crossed.

I never thought I would blog about my groceries, but here we are. We received an Eataly delivery today only three days after ordering. It took two weeks last time. Businesses are adjusting. It was also more like an Italian care package from ourselves than groceries — red cow Parmigiana-Reggiano, the Babbi Viennesi vanilla and chocolate wafers we love, colatura (anchovy sauce), more sardines, coffee, testaroli (a type of Ligurian pasta that always reminds me a little of Ethiopian injera) and some wines made with some of my favorite native Lazian grapes, Bellone, Cesanese del Piglio and Nero Buono.

Cereal for breakfast. Leftovers for lunch, although Roberto made a mountain of little tigelle (round breads from Modena) to liven things up. Testarolo with red pesto and tomatoes for dinner. Babbi for dessert.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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