Day 74

We went out to dinner tonight. Going out to eat on a Friday night in Italy in May 2020 seems totally newsworthy. Making the reservation for two, we actually had to confirm if we wanted one table for two or two tables for one. Now there is a wild thought — a reservation for two at two socially distanced tables. Gave me pause, but of course, it makes sense if you aren’t living in isolation together but still want to meet up.

We ate outside and the next table was about 12 feet away. The waiters wore masks, as did the guests when they arrived, but everyone takes them off at the table. There were people eating inside too, although the restaurants are still mostly empty, inside and out. The osteria we ate at was also the last place we ate out at before lockdown began. We ate there on a Sunday and lockdown began on Tuesday.

We’re going to the lake this weekend. Shopping at some favorite wine and food producers, stand up paddleboarding, and hiking with a picnic, are all on the agenda. I miss forests and lakes. We are allowed to paddleboard on the lake, but not hang out on the beach so we have been warned by our tour leader that we will need to go straight from our cars into the water. We cannot stand on the shore. Weird (But what’s not these days?). Paddleboarding in masks should be curious too. The weather forecast is promising a cloudless day with temperatures in the high 70s. I’m in.

Wasa for breakfast with robiola. Avocado and tomato salad for lunch with friselle and a side of agretti. Bruschetta with burrata and anchovies and fancy prosciutto from Calabria for appetizers at dinner. I had the pasta in the photo with ragu for dinner. Roberto had fettuccine with fresh porcini. We shared an interesting bottle of Viognier from Lazio. Vanilla gelato and cookies with vin santo for dessert.

Eat well stay safe.


  1. I just took your quiz. I must like Tuscany.Not sure I would like wild boar ragu. Like to take your quiz.

    1. Author

      I think you would like wild boar. It’s very common in Italy. We’ll have to figure out how to get some in Vermont.

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