Day 72

Maybe not the most appetizing photo, but the dumplings were tasty and dug out of the freezer so also easy.

Roberto went to the city again today, and came back with strange stories about seeing tourists, although I suppose I would look like a tourist/foreigner if I actually left the house. He also allegedly ate lunch in a bar with some folks from Northern Italy, a Russian and a famous Italian wheelchair fencer who was drinking beer with a model. It sounds like a play.

I’m a bit jealous of the idea of observing other people (I even stole his lunchtime story!), and am ready to move about and to participate in life again. His lunch makes me want to go to the city, but not this week, not just yet. But soon.

I spend my free time looking up restaurants one by one to find out who has opened. Some favorites won’t try to open until June. Safety first.

A scrambled egg with a Wasa cracker and robiola cheese for breakfast. A sardine salad for lunch. Lamb, pork, potato and vegetable dumplings for dinner.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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