Day 71?

I didn’t post last night because I left the house for the first time in 70 days to eat a pizza in a castle. I dug out some jeans and dusted off my sneakers, got in the car, and put on a mask for the first time. Masks are going to be tough this summer. The photo above is from last night — great table distancing.

A lot of our friends and co-workers are not planning on leaving the house for a couple of weeks. The lockdown in Italy has not felt like a loss of freedom, at least for us and many people we know, but like what it is, a safety measure. Home is still our safe place. We happily stayed home tonight. We will go out again, but we’re also just fine staying in.

Corn flakes with raisins for breakfast. Salad with avocados and yogurt and a hardboiled egg on half of friselle for lunch. Chicken with peppers and onions for dinner.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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