Lockdown in Rome day 51

You know you’re regulars at a restaurant when the waitress texts you directly when it is confirmed they will re-open. The waitress at our favorite pizzeria texted Roberto this afternoon that they will be open for takeout only starting on Monday. I can count down the days on one hand! We can’t wait, or er, well, actually we can. We’re in the 8th week of lockdown. We’re masters of waiting.

Baby American grapevine in the photo. One of my new friends on the terrace.

Rye and rosemary toast with robiola cheese for breakfast. Spinach salad with avocado and yogurt for lunch with leftover lentil soup mixed with leftover tomato for variety. Baked codfish for dinner as some arrived today and linguine with aglio and olio (garlic and oil) for dinner with some oven-roasted broccoli on the side as it needed to be eaten.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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