Lockdown in Rome day 50

50 days in and with plans announced today to likely work remotely for at least half the year, the situation no longer feels like an exception, but the new norm. It’s time to adjust and fully adapt, get a bigger computer monitor and a better office chair at home, establish regular and maintainable schedules and goals. We’re no longer on pause and caught in the midst of one very long snowstorm, this is winter itself.

Management at work is trying to figure out how and when to bring us back to the office. The current plan is for us to return in phases with many precautions. They only anticipate 50% of staff working from the office in September. We’ll wear masks. There will only be one person in an office at first and only in offices with good ventilation. Meetings are not allowed. We also can’t take public transportation to get there, which counts me out.

Rye and rosemary toast with robiola for breakfast. Soup with lentils, carrots, farro, and spinach for lunch. Linguine with a can of little yellow tomatoes for dinner.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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