Lockdown in Rome day 49

We’ve been here for seven full weeks. The Italian government announced phase-two of lockdown last night and it sounds like there could maybe be a pizza from my favorite pizzeria next week as restaurant takeaway and regional movement might be allowed starting May 4th (1 week!). Fingers crossed. Until now, we’ve been confined to our city or town of residence, and restaurants could only deliver.

If we stay lucky, we’ll get our restaurants and our hairdressers back on June 1st (5 weeks from now!). Oddly museums and libraries are opening on 18 May (3 weeks!), along with more retail shops. Funerals can be attended again as well, but not by more than 15 people.

Meanwhile, in the day to day, my daily sock selection has taken on an ever greater importance. I went with fluffy cotton rag socks in ecru today.

Today’s Lockdown menu was rye and rosemary toast with robiola for breakfast. A spinach and potato salad with hardboiled eggs for lunch. Roberto made orecchiette pasta with creamed spinach for dinner.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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