Lockdown in Rome day 48

Does anyone know how to keep bamboo in planters outdoors happy? We have a wall of it that looks like it could use a hug. I took up gardening this weekend and am adding it to the list of things I never would have started in 2020 if there had not been a pandemic.

I’m taking over the care of the plants on the terrace as they need some love and we need somewhere to hang out when the hot summer sun shows up.

Roberto gifted me a trip to Portugal for my birthday in February. I gifted him a trip to our terrace for his birthday this weekend by letting him pick out some fancy terrace furniture. We also ordered the makings for Campari spritz and dusted off the chessboard. Summer is coming.

One egg omelet with robiola and ‘nduja for breakfast. Fennel cooked with anchovies and topped with pecorino and a salad with plenty of sardines and raisins for lunch. We’ve got big plans to make small pizzas on the grill for dinner and Roberto has a loaf of rosemary and rye rising to toss on the grill as well. Baby figs on the tree in the photo!

Eat well. Stay safe.

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