Lockdown in Rome day 47

We celebrated the Italian holiday of Liberation Day today with a picnic in the garden. The holiday commemorates the end of the Nazi occupation of Italy in World War II, ending 23 years of fascist dictatorship and 5 years of war. It also helps to add some perspective to the unprecedented event in which we are living.

We are grateful for the pub Luppolo Station that delivered our picnic as not a lot of Roman restaurants are willing to drive all the way out to where we live. It’s the same pub that brought us our Easter Monday BBQ and pulled pork sandwiches at the start of lockdown. Roberto already put an order in for the next holiday. This Friday, May 1st, is Labor Day over here and we’ll still be in lockdown and in the garden again.

The picnic came with the cute mini-keg of beer pictured above and a bunch of delicious snacks from local producers in an effort to help small businesses like breweries, cheesemakers, and bakeries survive.

The bag included the classic Roman spring snack of fresh fava beans and pecorino cheese, a sausage from Masserie Masella, a quiche with vegetables, guanciale, and one of our favorite goat cheeses, caprino nobile by Montejugo, eggplant parmigiana, Russian salad (like potato salad but more vegetable-heavy), toasted bread with fegatini (delicious liver, yep), roast beef sandwiches (more Italian tramezzino, those distinct skinny, triangular sandwiches, than an American roast beef sandwich), and green tea and black sesame seed cookies.

We live close to the airport, but not in the direction the planes tend to fly unless there is an unusual wind. This means that once or twice a year planes fly over our house but that it is also rare. While we were eating our picnic in the garden today, not one, but four planes flew directly over our house and all four were Air Serbia. No other planes. It was weird enough to Google and find out that I guess we saw this.

Breakfast was a Wasa cracker with robiola and a hard-boiled egg. Lunch was the picnic in the garden. We’re still contemplating dinner, maybe the leftover goulash.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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