Lockdown in Rome day 43

Tuesday. Rain. We heard of our first restaurant deaths in Rome today. Not favorites, but good quality standbys. They couldn’t pay the rent.

While I fully embrace pajama pants as lockdown officewear, I never wear yoga clothes all day. But recognizing that working remotely should be different than working in the office, I wore yoga clothes all day long today and tried out yoga on the fly. Hip feels tight? How about a quick malasana? Feeling sleepy? Camel pose!

Fortunately, my coworkers prefer audio chat to video and therefore have no idea if I was in a chair or pigeon pose or upside down. Turned out to be a good day for this too as I spent almost my entire workday on conference calls. Ugh.

I’ve also gotten bored with everything I tried to read this week. I guess this is how I experience cabin fever.

Multigrain cereal for breakfast. Mixed bean and veggie soup for lunch. Pasta with roasted cauliflower for dinner.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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