Lockdown in Rome day 42

I think the cats have finally accepted that we are never leaving and have decided to let us stay.

The lizard spent the night. We thought he left after Roberto’s scare yesterday, but I bumped into him after lunch. Fast little fella. But he’s gone now. I left the door open and he figured it out. I think the rain helped. It’s raining and will be for several days.

Mondays are strange in lockdown as they signify a new start, but then nothing changes. I think I will try some heavy scheduling for a couple of days. I need to feel like I am restarting something with intention and not just restarting being here forever.

The background music in Roberto’s videogames is dramatic and makes me feel like I am living in a movie. Maybe I am.

Fried egg for breakfast on a homemade English muffin, because Monday. Straccetti (thinly sliced beef) with a salad for lunch. Pasta al pomodoro for dinner, because Monday.

Did you know that pasta is healthy? I read something that contradicted this today and it bothered me so to recap, dry pasta in a box is healthy, but fresh pasta, not so much. Which seems backward as intuitively I would expect the opposite. But I figured it all out once and wrote about it here. This is the perfect time to embrace the health value of a cheap staple with a very long shelf life.

Eat more pasta. Stay safe.

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