Lockdown in Rome day 38

The need to sing has evolved into a need to dance. Got to let it out. I’m channeling my inner 6-year-old all day long, which in my 40s I’m considering an accomplishment. Roberto probably feels otherwise.

I prowled our lawn for pictures after lunch and before heading back to work. In the office, I am that coworker who usually skips lunch to race to the end of a huge pile of work, but in lockdown, I take a full hour. Go for a walk across the lawn. Take a picture of a tree. Read a book. Play a word game in the hammock. I currently love the Spelling Bee in the New York Times. Achieving the “genius” category is not out of reach. How clever to add a genius category that is not out of reach.

Fried egg with piadina for breakfast. Salad with apples and tomatoes (Roberto went there and it totally worked), leftover lentil soup and Wasa crackers with robiola and prosciutto for lunch. I was really hungry today. A great big steak and roasted fennel, beets, radicchio, and potatoes for dinner. Warm applesauce with cinnamon for dessert.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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