Lockdown in Rome day 36

Week number six and this is starting to get to me. I would like to go for a ride in the car. I would like to sit on the side of the sea. I would like to run up a hill. I would like to go out for pizza. I would like to soak in thermal waters. I would like to go for a long ride on a train. I would like to be seated at a restaurant. I would like to go to Vermont this summer. Fingers crossed.

Rainy day. Workday. Funny chipped tooth situation kind of day. I am still grateful that my chipped tooth does not hurt and that I do not look funny but it still sucks. I’m off balance.

Fatty the Cat fell asleep on a folder of work between two heaters in the photo. He nailed Tuesday.

Fried egg for breakfast with piadina because it was cozy. Salad for lunch with leftover torta pasqualina. Pasta al pomodoro for dinner because tomato pasta hugs are the best. More cheese please.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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