Lockdown in Rome day 35

The Monday after Easter is a holiday in Italy, Pasquetta. No work today. We had a massive BBQ meal delivered to our garden from Luppolo Station complete with tartare and smoked sausages and ribs. It was a feast.

A bottle of wine made from the Croatina grape paired well with the ribs. It was a simple wine and probably not photo feature worthy, but I was so hungry when the food arrived that I didn’t really take any good photos.

I chipped a tooth last night while eating pizza. I’m very lucky that it is just a chip, that it doesn’t hurt and is not visible. But it is annoying and it makes the constraints of lockdown feel even tighter. I can’t just go to the dentist. I’m trying to channel my inner 6-year old who was way more knowledgable about random gaps in her gumline and way more appreciative of not being able to make it to the dentist. If she can handle it, I can too, even if I know more hard truths about the Tooth Fairy. 

Yoga was a short power vinyasa follow, followed by long yin holds that helped with the tooth frustration. I’m much better at sitting still than I was pre-lockdown.

Breakfast was rye bread fresh from the oven with robiola cheese and red pepper flakes. BBQ was both lunch and dinner rolled up in one.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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