Lockdown in Rome day 33

Roberto made the Ligurian torta pasqualina or savory Easter pie pictured above before it got a top and went in the oven. It’s full of eggs, ricotta and spinach and is made with layers and layers of very thin dough.

I was a little antsy today. I woke up too early. The code I am writing doesn’t work. The book I am reading is dull. The neighbor across the street who sits on his porch most of the day if not mowing his lawn has been blasting half a song every few hours and then turning it off. It’s like he’s got to hear some noise and can’t keep it in and it escapes. It’s always a different song.

But my arm feels better and the weather was gorgeous — high 60s and not a cloud in the sky. Bike shorts under dresses are my new uniform.

Today’s lockdown menu: Fried egg with piadina for breakfast. Salad with yogurt and sardines for lunch. Slice of torta pasqualina for aperitivo. I’m going to roast some squash and fennel and potatoes for dinner with the last two sausages in the freezer.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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  1. In Italy, the worst-hit European country, the number of deaths climbed past 1,400 and infections surged roughly 20 per cent overnight to more than 21,000 because of what authorities characterized as irresponsible behaviour by people still socializing despite the nationwide lockdown. Many Italian cities, including Rome and Milan, decided to close playgrounds and parks, too.

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