Lockdown in Rome day 32

The lockdown has been extended in Italy until May 3rd. That’s 23 more days if anyone is still counting. Roberto put on real clothing to go to the store today and I hardly recognized him. He said shopping was stressful.

I’ve developed a slight pain in my right arm, likely because my home office is an old wooden chair fitted with a pillow I pulled off the bed. I did not work today because of Easter weekend and am giving my computer arm some rest.

Self-care today was a yoga class that ignored arms and shoulders altogether followed by a shower and a favorite facial mask that’s blue and tingly by Ole Henriksen. Roberto was curious and tried a charcoal mask, his first mask ever. He was hoping it would be like Patrick Bateman’s mask in the movie American Psycho. It wasn’t, but his pores are cleaner.

After lunch, Fluffy the Cat gifted me a gigantic grasshopper (like 4 inches long) that she spit out at my feet in the kitchen. The grasshopper lived.

Today’s lockdown menu: Farro flakes for breakfast. A poached egg with salad and a friselle for lunch, with apple sauce for dessert as we had too many apples in the house. Chubby potato-stuffed pasta from Sardinia known as culurgiones (spelled many ways as far as I can tell) for dinner with a delicious bottle of Cannonau, a Sardinian red wine.

The Sardinian pasta, culurgiones is super easy to make. Make a pasta dough with semolina (300g), a pinch of salt and water. Let it rest. Wash, peel and boil potatoes (400g) and mash with a fork. Mix with fresh pecorino (150g) and chopped mint leaves (about 15). Roll out the dough. Cut out circles with the lip of a water glass, or in our house, a pint glass. Place spoonfuls about the size of a whole almond in the center and fold in half. Then seal it by making something that looks like a braided fishtail to me or a folded sheaf of wheat by tradition. Make a simple tomato sauce. Boil the folded pasta and when it rises to the surface, gently place it in the tomato sauce. Serve with more pecorino.

It snowed last night in Vermont, but it feels like spring in Rome. That’s the new leaves on one of the fig trees in the yard in the photo.

My day has been as unstructured as this post and I loved it.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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