Lockdown in Rome day 28

Monday still feels like Monday in lockdown. Busy with work. The flour order did not arrive. Pizza remains on hold.

But a wine order shipped! Our Colomba and giant chocolate egg for Easter arrived in fancy boxes! Two boxes of vegetables were dropped off at our gate!

I am grateful for onions and potatoes. I actually wrote that down in my Grateful app today. The app sounds hokey, but it’s my kind of hokey. It’s a gratitude journal on your phone in which you write down something every day for which you are grateful or happy or that made you smile. Today’s entry: “Onions and potatoes”. Although I was unfair to the onions and potatoes and took a picture of the huge pile of fennel we have instead.

I had farro flakes for breakfast. Seaweed pasta with peas and shallots for lunch which was sort of a fluke, but work was busy and that’s what happened in a hurry. We ate outside and the wind knocked over a glass of water before we sat down. It didn’t break, but we ate in a small lake. Chicken with peppers and onions for dinner.

Yoga was Strong, Slow Night Flow with Ashley Galvin on Alo Moves because today I needed to bend and fold and stretch. Mondays are tough.

Eat well. Stay safe.

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