Lockdown in Rome day 27

It is so quiet outside today. The background hum of cars and trucks on the highway is gone. It’s just birds now. An occasional dog bark. A child’s shout.

We emptied the house onto the terraces and deep cleaned. I discovered that my old kitchen clogs are perfect for life in lockdown.

I read the first half of another great novel, Normal People by Sally Rooney. I like that it is set in Ireland. I googled the author. She is only 29, and according to Wikipedia, once wrote 100,000 words of a novel in three months. The last novel I read was about a 31-year-old woman that took six years to write a novel. Different pace.

Today’s movement was the free power vinyasa flow Chaturanga Zone by Liel Cheri on YouTube. I picked it because it has five headstands.

Today’s lockdown menu: A fried egg with the last sliver of piadina for breakfast. We pureed the leftover squash soup for variety and served it with a salad and a bowl of strawberries with lemon for lunch. Pasta with zucchini for dinner and strawberries with balsamic for dessert.

We’re also happy to have ordered our Easter Monday meal from Luppolo Station yesterday as today they are sold out. Score!

Eat well. Be safe.

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