Lockdown in Rome day 26

It’s all about the food now. This part I love.

Omelet with ‘nduja and robiola for breakfast. Squash soup and prosciutto for lunch. Carbonara for dinner. Saturday vibes.

We’re growing impatient for a large flour delivery that hasn’t arrived yet. Pizza is on hold. Roberto is making wine donuts right now with what is left.

Wine seems easiest to buy by the case. Hence the 6 soldiers above. We ordered the case of Barbera d’Alba from the Piedmont Shop so Piedmontese wine it is. We’re also a bit nostalgic for Renato Ratti as we ordered a bottle in a pub with some of my future classmates when I first arrived at cooking school in Piedmont in northern Italy back in 2015.

We also pre-ordered BBQ for Easter Monday lunch for two from Luppolo Station: 1 growler smoked beer from Birrificio Dada and Birra Montegioco (I love Montegioco brewery), 1 growler pale ale from Five Points Brewing Company, 1 rack of BBQ ribs, 4 smoked sausages, 2 beef tartare, coleslaw, baked beans, and potato salad. Delivered to our garden. We’re excited.

What’s on your lockdown/isolation menu today?

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