Lockdown in Rome day 24

I made chips with cauliflower leaves. Those are the pre-cooked ones in the photo. I cut them to a good size, rolled them around in some olive oil and salt, positioned them on a pan and stuck them in the oven. Not bad. Crunchy.

Lunch was salad and mackerel in a tin with red pepper and ginger.

Back in late February, when the coronavirus first began to leave its mark in northern Italy, we were at the airport in Lisbon, Portugal on our way home and buying as many tinned sardines as we could carry. Because delicious. Turns out it was the ideal accidental pre-lockdown shopping spree. Tinned fish for days. Although today’s mackerel was Italian. We’ve become serious canned fish connoisseurs in our hibernation. Thank you, Portugal.

We just ate these delicious chicken wings. Chicken wings always feel like a party. Also, sticky. I used olive oil instead of canola and swapped the garam masala with another curry as we were all out.

All I did today was work and cook and eat and read and study and exercise. No commute. And the sun was out. No complaints.

Eat well. Be safe.

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