Lockdown in Rome day 22

The store near our house is out of flour so we placed a bulk order with the producer and made pizza for dinner. The pizza supply chain must not be broken.

I ate lunch outside in pajama pants. Roberto made lentil soup with big carrots and a salad of fennel, oranges, and chia seeds. Yes, those are my socks, Birkenstocks and pajamas. Our table needs fresh paint, but Roberto apparently already ordered some. Lockdown is a great time for home repairs.

I’ve started lighting candles while working which I’ve found is anti-office and comforting in all the right ways, especially as the sunny mornings keep giving way to gray clouds and even some rain in the afternoons. It’s been nippy in Rome.

Many of the orders I have placed have not shipped. I wonder if they will all arrive together when we are free again.

I wonder when we will all be free again.

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