Lockdown in Rome day 20

What are we going to eat today has become the most exciting question.

As some folks asked, I posted my favorite pizza dough to make at home over here. It looks complicated, but it’s actually quite easy once you understand the steps. Let me know how it goes if you try making it. Photos to come the next time I make it, probably later this week.

Today I’m making farinata, known as socca in France, and which is basically a large, flat chickpea cake. The only ingredients are chickpea flour (250g), water (800 ml), olive oil (small spoonful), salt, and black pepper.

*I tried it and the quantities above are enough for two cakes, assuming your pan is small. You can half the recipe.

You mix the water into the flour, add a pinch of salt, and let sit in a covered bowl for 4-24 hours. Then remove the foamy bubbles that develop, add the spoonful of oil to a cake pan, add the batter, and mix together. Bake in a 390F oven until golden in color. Dust with black pepper and serve hot.

I haven’t been running this week. It’s been cold and cloudy, but I also haven’t been eager to go too far from the house. Maybe it will change, but for now, I’ve been doubling up on yoga instead. Easy, flowy and fun vinyasa in the mornings to get me excited for the day, and something challenging in the evenings to stay in shape.

Ashley Galvin on AloMoves is my favorite teacher for strength training, especially her workouts Thirty30 Burn, Body Blast, Body Strong Flows, and Core Sculpt. I’ve just started Thirty30 Burn again as my evening workout. I pay for AloMoves, but they usually have a free trial period too.

Roberto took a different approach and hooked up his Wii from 2006 this morning and was hula hooping with abandon.

Eat well. Be safe.

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