Lockdown in Rome day 19

Italian stores aren’t running out of toilet paper. Bidets are pretty standard over here after all. Instead, some stores in Italy are running out of yeast. Because come on, who wants to live life in lockdown without pizza?

I’m heading straight to our favorite pizzeria as soon as we are free again. Until then, we’re fortunate to be fairly well-stocked with yeast. Roberto also started a mother yeast should the stash start to run low.

You can also apparently buy mother yeast on Amazon in Italy. Who knew? Amazon has been shipping some items remarkably fast too. Last Thursday our kitchen scale was thrown to the floor like a bouncy ball. It can get a little rowdy living in lockdown. Only it didn’t bounce. We ordered a new scale on Friday and it showed up at our house on Saturday.

Tonight we’re making pasta, orecchiette with sausage and turnip greens. Roberto just made the pasta dough in the photo. It’s resting. It turns out that we have a lot of life skills that are useful in lockdown, like both being good cooks. I’m also excited to watch the new Netflix wine movie “Uncorked” tonight. The trailer looks fun.

Yesterday, lockdown in Rome day 18 went down without fanfare. It was just another long workday in March, only performed from the dining room table with more interruptions from cats than coworkers. It’s odd as this situation begins to feel normal.

We did make cheeseburgers with Vermont cheddar, creamy sausage and leeks last night. I like to cook my leeks good and long with butter, olive oil, colatura di alici (anchovy sauce) and a crushed clove of garlic, until they turn golden, start to fall apart and caramelize a little. I usually add water at some point to keep them cooking long and slow. Works well on pasta or in this case, smothered atop a tasty cheeseburger.

Eat well. Be safe.

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