Lockdown in Rome day 17

I run to the window every time I hear a truck go by but I haven’t started barking yet.

The order we placed with Eataly 17 days ago arrived today. We were so excited. We couldn’t remember what we ordered but we were so excited.

17 days. I had started to prepare for a potential lockdown a couple of weeks before it happened. Buying extra coffee, making sure no toiletries or cleaning supplies were low, picking up an extra pack of toilet paper. But I never thought that I was stocking up for more than 2 weeks. Now I wonder if it will turn into two months.

I tried to model my grissini wrapped in prosciutto at lunch today and added an inadvertent glimpse of my dining room/office. I’ve been double computing with Mac and PC for days, I mean weeks, now. This is how I spend my days.

Eat well. Be safe.

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