Lockdown in Rome day 15

“A truck is here! A truck is here!” My shouts while jumping up and down at the sight of a delivery truck pulling up to our house earlier today. I surprised even myself with my level of excitement.

The big red truck driven by a man in a mask was better than Santa Claus. He brought us our lost package of Estonian beer and a big box of pork products and legumes and cheese from Norcia. That’s some of the bounty pictured above, prosciutto, pecorino, salami, lonzino, sausages, lentils, the big guy is a guanciale…

If you are in Central Italy and looking to order food online during this coronavirus crisis, Norcia Tavola shipped us a miracle box in 4 days from this magical place. Although the photo in the link was taken several years back before Norcia was severely damaged by an earthquake in 2016, another reason to support them with orders.

We’ve found that food orders from big stores or major sites like Amazon are mostly backed up or unavailable at this point, but many of the little shops have our backs. We also feel good having theirs.

I’m looking for smallscale wine shops and other producers to order from in Italy if anyone has suggestions. We’ve ordered from some big sites but nothing has arrived yet — fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Today was bright and cold again and goulash with spaetzle is on the menu for dinner. Turns out there is plenty of comfort to be had out here amidst the storm.

Eat well. Be safe.

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