Lockdown in Rome day 14

Will we still be here at the end of April? What about the end of May?

The day was bright and sunny but with a strong, cold wind, making it best watched from the inside. Cats help. That’s Fluffy pictured.

The pace of time in lockdown reminds me of being a kid in the 80s — before we had cell phones, before Netflix. Before the Internet even existed. What’s worse? Having all the technology and not being able to leave the house or being able to leave the house, assuming you could get your mom or dad to give you a ride to your friend’s house, but none of the technology?

We watch the coronavirus numbers with big eyes: Italy, the States, the world. I’m not sure how reliable the last source is, but the format, like some sort of grim global competition, usually leads us into an interesting discussion.

Today feels like the Monday that it is. Food was simple, lentil pasta for lunch, chicken and peppers for dinner. Roberto says he will make pita bread. We are lucky that there is a good butcher close to our house that is still open.

Each day the restrictions on life in Italy seem to grow a tiny bit tighter. We can no longer leave our neighborhood, except for emergencies or necessary work. Most of our online orders are delayed but still coming. One seems to be lost. We wait.

Eat well. Be safe.

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