Lockdown in Rome day 13

I’m wearing a dress. Sweatpants be damned.

This song has been stuck in my head for days, and yet, I obviously have no nightlife.

We are like cooped up 7-year-olds with too much energy. There are more songs and dances and jokes. Standing still has become difficult. Socks are fun.

I tried to fix Roberto’s haircut. Emphasis on tried. We agree it looks fine for lockdown. The bar is now low, real low.

We’ve been pan roasting a lot of dinners because it’s easy, requires few dishes and tastes like a party. Take a pan, pile on some cut potatoes, chopped veggies and some meat, or no meat, along with some salt, pepper, rosemary if you’ve got it, and lots of olive oil. Toss it around and stick it in the oven.

We’ve got rosemary, lots of rosemary. The bush in the yard is the size of our car.

Lockdown restrictions have been tightened again in Italy and now all non-essential industries have been shut down.

For friends and family worried about my safety, the situation in northern Italy is not the same as the situation in central and southern Italy. As of 6 PM last night, the region of Lombardy in the north had reported 25,515 positive coronavirus cases and 3,095 deaths, whereas Lazio, where I live in central Italy, still has only 1,190 cases and 50 deaths. Not to say that Lazio’s numbers are not horrific, but that the lockdown seems to be keeping us safer.

Eat well. Be safe.

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