Lockdown in Rome day 11

It’s our 11th day of living in lockdown in Rome. The day was sunny and warm and we had soup for lunch in the garden. I had enough work for my job this week to make me fully appreciate that it is Friday.

Tomorrow will feel like Saturday even if I’m still in the same place. I’ll sleep in, practice some yoga, maybe go for a run, do some reading and work on some personal projects. My boyfriend and I both decided to learn to make mobile apps not so long ago and this extra time is giving us ample time to hone our skills. It’s been fun.

I am now trying to limit the time I spend reading the news. Staying informed is vital, but obsessing over it and checking the rising counts of victims does little but cause anxiety. The danger is confirmed. I do not need more evidence. I just need to know what I can and cannot do in order to help bring this global crisis to an end.

We can still order things online. I placed an order today with Tannico in northern Italy to restock our wine supply. The delivery takes 10 days, but we don’t mind. We’ll be here. When not in lockdown, I mostly drink Italian wines as they are easiest for me to buy, but Tannico has wine from many countries and I am excited to have a diverse case of wines heading my way.

We’ve found that companies that ship with the postal service or other shipping companies like DHL and FedEx are fine, but that some grocery stores and shops that make their own deliveries are becoming backed up and that it is now almost impossible to post an order with many of them. Some recommend checking back daily to see if there is any room left.

We’ve also learned that we didn’t stock up on enough frozen vegetables. We normally eat fresh veggies in bulk and their frozen replacements therefore mostly went under our radar when stocking our pantry. Roberto made a run to the grocery store to replenish today. He said grocery shopping was very strange as everyone was afraid and kept their distance from one another. I was more than happy to stay home with the cats.

But we’ll set the stressful stuff aside tonight and enjoy a good dinner. An easy spaghetti with cacio e pepe is on the menu this evening. It’s a delicious meal made with only three ingredients that are always in a Roman household: Pecorino cheese, black pepper, and pasta. Yum.

Eat well. Be safe.

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